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Books for adults - Classic Texts Bible - Secondary Sources

http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/5/8/6/FC1570715866.JPG 101 Myths of the Bible : How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History By: Greenberg, Gary  
ISBN/SKU: 1570715866
Your Price: $24.95   
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127 Insights into Megillas Esther By: Weinbach, Mendel  (HARDCOVER)
ISBN/SKU: 0944070507
Your Price: $19.95   
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http://anthology.com/CoverArt/BOOK_JACKETS07272007/Thumbs/FC1881871401.JPG A Land Flowing with Milk & Honey: Visions of Israel from Bib By: Greenspoon, Leonard J. (EDT)  
ISBN/SKU: 1881871401
Your Price: $29.95   
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/2/9/2/FC0802842925.JPG A Time to Tear Down & A Time to Build Up By: Fox, Michael V.  
ISBN/SKU: 0802842925
Your Price: $30.00   
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/0/7/6/FC1580230768.JPG A Women's Torah Commentary; New Insights from Women Rabbis o By: Goldstein, Elyse (EDT)  (HARDCOVER)
ISBN/SKU: 1580230768
Your Price: $34.95   
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/8/6/6/FC0060838663.JPG Abraham : A Journey To The Heart Of Three Faiths By: Feiler, Bruce S.  (PAPERBACK)
ISBN/SKU: 0060838663
Your Price: $12.95   
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http://anthology.com/CoverArt/BOOK_JACKETS08182006/Thumbs/FC9781594731860.JPG Abraham''s Bind And Other Bible Tales of Trickery, Folly, Mercy And Loe By: Caduto, Michael J.  
ISBN/SKU: 1594731861
Your Price: $19.99   
A retelling of ancient biblical stories highlights the foibles, strengths, struggles, and joys of familiar Bible characters, yielding fresh and relevant spiritual lessons for life in the modern world.
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Abravanel''s World of Torah: A Structured Interpretation   (HARDCOVER)
ISBN/SKU: 9659183305
Your Price: $30.00  In Stock  2
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/8/3/3/FC9657108330.JPG Accepting the Yoke of Heaven By: Leibowitz, Y.  (HARDCOVER)
ISBN/SKU: 9657108330
Your Price: $16.00   
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http://anthology.com/CoverArt/BOOK_JACKETS07062006/Thumbs/FC9657108772.JPG Accepting the Yoke of Heaven : Commentary on the Weekly Torah Portion By: Leibowitz, Yeshayahu/ Leibowitz, Yeshayahu (TRN)  (PAPERBACK)
ISBN/SKU: 9657108772
List Price: $16.00
Your Price: $15.95   
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Acharei Mot Parashat Hashavua   
ISBN/SKU: 383249
Your Price: $14.95  In Stock  1
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/9/0/8/FC0786869089.JPG After the Apple By: Rosenblatt, Naomi  (HARDCOVER)
ISBN/SKU: 0786869089
Your Price: $23.95   
Blending elements of history, psychology, and storytelling, retells the stories of female characters from the Hebrew Bible--Leah, Rachel, Sarah, Rebeccah, Delilah, and Jezebel--and the surprisingly mo
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/9/8/0/FC1401359809.JPG After the Apple : Women in the Bible, Timeless Stories of Love, Lust, And Longing By: Rosenblatt, Naomi  (PAPERBACK)
ISBN/SKU: 1401359809
Your Price: $12.95  In Stock  1
Blending elements of history, psychology, and storytelling, the author of Wrestling with Angels retells the stories of female characters from the Hebrew Bible--Leah, Rachel, Sarah, Rebeccah, Delilah,
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http://www.afikomen.com/images/clientart/Afikomen/9780393082692.jpg Ancient Israel : The Former Prophets: Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings: a Translation With Commenta   (HARDCOVER)
ISBN/SKU: 0393082695
Your Price: $35.00  In Stock  1
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Ancient Tales- Amazing Torah Stories from Sefer Hayashar By: Not Specified  
ISBN/SKU: 193168118X
List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $17.95  In Stock  1
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http://anthology.com/CoverArt/BOOK_JACKETS08072009/Thumbs/FC0312565585.JPG And God Said: How Translations Conceal the Bible's Original Meaning By: Hoffman, Joel M.  
ISBN/SKU: 0312565585
List Price: $25.99
Your Price: $24.99   
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/3/7/1/FC0802843719.JPG Apocalyptic Imagination By: Collins, John Joseph  
ISBN/SKU: 0802843719
Your Price: $30.00   
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http://anthology.com/CoverArt/BOOK_JACKETS05232014/Thumbs/FC0465022553.JPG Art of Biblical Narrative By: Alter, Robert  (PAPERBACK)
ISBN/SKU: 0465022553
Your Price: $17.99  In Stock  1
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Aseres Hadibros: Ten Commandments HC By: Feuer, Avrohom  (HARDCOVER)
Your Price: $9.99   
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http://anthology.com/CoverArt/BOOK_JACKETS10192007/Thumbs/FC051734582X.JPG Asimov's Guide to the Bible : The Old and New Testaments/Two Volumes in One By: Asimov, Isaac  (HARDCOVER)
ISBN/SKU: 051734582X
Your Price: $21.99   
Geographical and historical evidence illuminates the events and people of the Old and New Testament
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http://anthology.com/COVERART/THUMBNAILS/3/8/7/FC1887563873.JPG Ask the Bible The 400 Most Commonly Asked Questions About O.T. By: Sofer, Morry  
ISBN/SKU: 1887563873
Your Price: $21.95   
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http://anthology.com/CoverArt/BOOK_JACKETS08102006/Thumbs/FC0671605968.JPG Back to the Sources: Reading the Classics By: Holtz, Barry W.  (PAPERBACK)
ISBN/SKU: 0671605968
Your Price: $17.00  In Stock  1
Essays analyze the major traditional texts of Judaism from literary, historical, philosophical, and religious points of view
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Balak Parashat Hashavua   
ISBN/SKU: 383260
Your Price: $14.95  In Stock  1
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Bamidbar Midrash Says   (HARDCOVER)
Your Price: $24.95   
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Beginning of Desire : Reflections on Genesis By: Zornberg, Avivah Gottlieb  (PAPERBACK)
ISBN/SKU: 0805212396
Your Price: $19.95  In Stock  1
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