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"The Wandering Jew Has Arrived" by Albert Londres

  • Afikomen Judaica 3042 Claremont Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States (map)

In 1929, at the top of his career, renowned French journalist Albert Londres set out to document the lives of Jews. His travels in England, eastern Europe and Palestine produced the literary masterpiece The Wandering Jew Has Arrived. Expertly translated by Helga Abraham, The Wandering Jew Has Arrived vividly describes life in the shtetl, the faith of the Jews and their love of the Torah, the birth of Zionism and the emergence of the “New Jew” in Palestine. Londres was there to document the horrific massacres of Hebron and Tzfat and he predicted that, despite their small numbers, the Jews would pay the Arabs “back in kind.” A fascinating portrait of Jews by a perceptive and empathetic non-Jew.

Meet Helga Abraham on a rare visit from the Holy Land, to discuss her translation and the incredible journey of the author.

“Londres writes beautifully: he is an elegant, literary, humorous, ironic and always devastating writer.  Read it; it will rip your heart out.”  Phyllis Chesler, Israel National News: